We are suppliers of a wide selection of glass mosaics specialized for installations in swimming pools, spas, baths and wet areas in general. In continuous development of our products, we present the new mounting system for mosaics, the Polyurethane cord. This is a system of joining mosaics in the back side of sheets that guarantees 100% fixed surface, with no detaching risk and perfect hold in all installations.

The collection of mosaics available is diverse enough to provide a unique finish to every project that would blend in with its surroundings and be kind to the eyes for a long period of time. In addition various sizes are available creating an even wider choice range. This range is available in our showroom with ready installed real life samples that our customers can see, making the decision process easier and more reassuring.

It is also important to mention that environmentally friendly glass is the basic material used to manufacture the mosaics offered by Crystalline. These mosaics are from 100% recycled glass and can be completely recycled themselves.

Ocean Series

PS Series

Natura Series

Abalon Series

Cenefas Series

DK Series

Fusion Series

Gold & Silver Series